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ObjcUnit is a unit testing framework for Objective-C on Mac OS X. Its design was copied from JUnit, written by Erich Gamma and Kent Beck, and then adapted somewhat for Objective-C.

New in ObjcUnit 1.2. Even better support for writing mock objects, in the form of the new ExpectationGroup class. A few bug fixes and some refactorings.

For feedback and questions, visit the ObjcUnit page at Oops Wiki.


ObjcFileTemplates.tgz (FTP)
ObjcFileTemplates.tgz (HTTP).

Project Builder file templates contributed by Shane Celis.

Download Latest Release

Latest release: 1.2 (March 2002)

ObjcUnit 1.2 disk image (HTTP)
ObjcUnit 1.2 disk image (FTP)
ObjcUnit 1.2 tar ball (HTTP)
ObjcUnit 1.2 tar ball (FTP)

Download Older Releases

ObjcUnit 1.1 disk image (HTTP)

ObjcUnit 1.1 disk image (FTP)
ObjcUnit 1.1 tar ball (HTTP)
ObjcUnit 1.1 tar ball (FTP)
ObjcUnit 1.0 disk image (HTTP)
ObjcUnit 1.0 disk image (FTP)


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