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Over the past three years, Lessig has given more than 100 talks like the one captured here.

On July 24, 2002, at the O.Reilly Open Source Conference he announced this would be one of his last.

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Flash Presentation [8.4MB, Flash 5 required]

Chances are, this is what you want to see. This Flash presentation combines Lawrence Lessig's original 243-slide presentation (on the current state of intellectual property and its ramifications on creativity and culture) timed against the audio of his OSCON 2002 keynote address.

[Note: If you're having strange audio on Linux or Mac, trying using the fast forward/reverse buttons, which may clear up the sound. There appear to be some strange intermittent bugs with the MM Flash players and the Sound object interaction.]

MP3 Audio [7.2MB, 31'40, 32kbps mono] - Stream with M3U
If you just want the audio, say to listen to over and over (or for any other reason, of course).
Transcript [O'Reilly Network]
Great for the bandwidth challenged, as well as for skimming or reference purposes.

Source Files

Original PowerPoint Presentation [1.8MB, zipped PPT]
This is the original PowerPoint presentation used for the keynote. Note, that the timings are rehearsal timings and don't follow the actual audio.
free_culture FLA source file [18.7MB, zipped]
Think this Flash presentation sucks? Want to make it better? Go for it. Courtesy of Leonard Lin.
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Feel free to use this snazzy "Free Mickey" favorites icon file for your website. Courtesy of Matt Haughey.
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